Sustainable Chemistry to enable a Circular Economy

Chris Slootweg
University of Amsterdam

In response to the global threat imposed by resource scarcity and climate change, circular economy is highly regarded as a way to secure a sustainable future and to enable businesses and society to thrive. Circular economy aims to extend the inherent value of materials embodied in a product, rather than waste it and chemistry is crucial for achieving this. While the well-known Green Chemistry principles focus on optimizing and sustaining linear processes, circular chemistry moves beyond value extension and aims at making chemical processes and production cycles truly circular. In this lecture, I will introduce Circular Chemistry as a new concept, discuss the 12 principles of circular chemistry and highlight these important concepts with appealing examples.

Chris Slootweg was born in Haarlem, the Netherlands in 1978 and received his undergraduate education from Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam in 2001. After earning his Ph.D in 2005, he pursued postdoctoral studies at the ETH Z├╝rich. In 2006, he returned to VU to initiate his independent career. He was promoted to Associate Professor in 2014, and moved to the University of Amsterdam in 2016. The mission of his laboratory is to educate students at the intersection of fundamental physical organic chemistry, main group chemistry and circular chemistry


Dr. Chris Slootweg

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