From labcoat to tie

Gert Wilgenhof

A lecture to broaden your perspective of the world of science. What are the possibilities in the commercial side of the laboratory branch? What is expected from you when you are a ‘salesman’ in this field and how did this change over the years? And the most important question of all: would you be a suitable candidate to enter the world of commerce in science? He will use his own experience in the field of commerce in science of the past eighteen years to guide you to the process of going from wearing a labcoat to wearing a tie.

Gert Wilgenhof studied Commercial Chemistry at the Saxion University of Applied sciences. At the age of 22 he started as a salesmen of instruments for laboratories and nowadays he is
a Sales Manager at the BeNeLux department of PerkinElmer. This job allows for the ideal combination between chemistry and the broad and interesting contact with people.

#passion #problemsolving #development #carreer #listening #fun PerkinElmer brings together innovative technologies and application expertise to help scientists and clinicians daunting scientific challenges. It is their ambition to change the world for the better and to power breakthroughs across markets. Currently, they are the leading company in the industry of technologies and services.



Gert Wilgenhof

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