Registrations for the PAC-Symposium for 2018 are open!

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Finally, the time is here, the registrations for the PAC-Symposium for 2018 are open!
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Register quickly because there is only a limited number of seats available for the diner! We hope to see you all the 8th of March to listen to interesting lecturers and to take a look at the posters and research of your peers.
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We hope to see you the 8th of March!

The 24th PAC-Symposium will take place on the 8th of march 2018

Finally the time has come: the announcement of the theme for the 24th PAC-Symposium (in Utrecht on 8 March 2018)!

And the theme is ... * Drum roll *


Did you discover it in our personal introductions? In each piece we have used the word '' discovery'' as a hint for the theme.

Society is based on applying new ideas and discoveries. In many fields discoveries improve the quality of life. Examples of such discoveries are those of electric cars, solar & wind energy and molecular nanomachines. Discoveries take place in many other areas and are part of our daily lives. The development in this society is ever continuous as there always is room for improvement. Take, for example, the development of paracetamol as a painkiller to an inhibitor of cerebral haemorrhage.

Science, and therefore the science of chemistry, has always been characterized by discovery. Not only discoveries, but also the understanding and application of these are essential. Sharing new ideas and discussing them is an invaluable part of the development within science. We want to stimulate this by getting PhD students and professors in contact with bachelor and master students. We hope that this leads to new insights. The PAC symposium will make a concrete contribution to this with the connecting theme "Discovery". Lecturers and students will have the opportunity to talk to each other after the lectures, during the poster presentations and during drinks afterwards. With all of this we hope to create an inspiring symposium, full of discovery.

We hope you are all excited to discover the PAC-Symposium on the 8th of march 2018!