Good news! This year we, the 27th PAC foundation board, are once again busy preparing for PAC 2021 and this year it will certainly not go without a struggle. Despite all the restrictions, however, we hope to bring you another symposium, albeit in online form. This means many new challenges for us, but also a lot of new opportunities with which we can show you a new perspective on chemistry. We are therefore looking forward to March 4, 2021 with great anticipation. The moment when it can all take place.

This year's theme is "impact". Within the board we believe that chemistry has had an immense impact on today's society and is a great motivator for us to pursue a career in chemistry.

However, the research community, certainly with regard to beta research, can easily be perceived by outsiders as quite 'niche'. The aim of this year's PAC symposium is to emphasize how these very specific research results can be linked back to our current society and the impact it can ultimately make on a large scale.

If you want to register now, that's great of course! By following the link, you will arrive at the registration form where you can sign up for the symposium.

Goodbye for now and see you on March 4th!

The 27th PAC Foundation board