The History of Stichting PAC

Stichting PAC was founded in 1991 by the organising associations;

Proton, ACD and the CDL. Later the VSCVU also joined.
Stichting PAC organises the PAC-Symposium each year.
The PAC-Symposium is a symposium organised for chemistry  students by chemistry students and it is the largest symposium of it's kind in The Nederlands.
The location of the Symposium changes each year between the city's of the four organising studieassociations.

On this page you can find more information about the PAC-Symposia of the last years.

The Old Boards

- Nicolette Maaskant (U.S.S. Proton) - Chairwoman
- Eva Meeus (ACD) - Secretary
- Jochem Paardekooper (U.S.S. Proton) - Treasurer
- Sandrine Heijnen (U.S.S. Proton) - Commissioner Acquisition
- Ferry Pronk (VCSVU) - Commissioner Location & Logistics
- Ffion Steenvoorden (U.S.S. Proton) - Commissioner Lecturers
- Tiemen van Daalen (CDL) - Commissioner Website & Design


- Wowa Stroek (ACD) - Chairman
- Jesse van Mullem (CDL) - Secretary
- Jan-Willem Bastiaansen (CDL) - Treasurer
- Jobber Bekkers (ACD) - Commissioner Location
- Matt Peerlings (U.S.S. Proton) - Commissioner Lecturers
- Laura Zoutendijk (U.S.S. Proton) - Commissioner Acquisition
- Roy Hoitink (U.S.S. Proton) - Commissioner Website & Design


- Lennard van der Boon (CDL) - Chairman
- Rudy van der Zwan (CDL) - Secretary
- Bertjan van Dijk (U.S.S. Proton) - Treasurer
- Bob van Meijeren (CDL) - Commissioner Lecturers
- Naomi du Pree (U.S.S. Proton - Commissioner Acquisition
- Stijn Alberts (U.S.S. Proton) - Commissioner Location